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Today, I have to share with you my personal experience; I have tested  448 chatgpt plugins visited with almost 56 pages because I need to find the best plugins available on the internet. These must be like this Hidden Gem. Also, every website repeatedly shows me the same ten plugins on Google. I will rank them based on their usefulness, and we may get away with some compelling knowledge here. Let’s get started

1. Video Insights

The first plugin on our list is “Video Insights,” which works seamlessly with YouTube. This plugin allows you to extract transcripts from YouTube videos. While it does the job, the process involves manual effort and coding. Alternatively, consider using a more user-friendly Chrome extension for downloading videos, making it more efficient for productivity. It’s a valuable plugin but could be more streamlined.

2. Show Me Diagrams

Show Me Diagrams” is a unique plugin that lets you create and edit diagrams directly within ChatGPT. You can use it to explain complex concepts visually. It produced clear and concise diagrams during testing, making it a valuable tool for visual communication.

3. Zapier ChatGpt Plugin

Zapier Chatpgt Plugin is a powerful automation tool that can connect with over 5,000 apps. It allows you to create triggers and actions, automating various tasks. While incredibly versatile and valuable, it can get expensive and require some setup. Connecting it directly to your accounts can also be complex. Nevertheless, it’s a game-changer for automating repetitive tasks.

4. Vizsla

Vizsla” is a plugin that generates short videos based on your specified topic using public stock footage. It’s a handy tool for creating quick video content. However, it could benefit from improved AI voice and faster video editing capabilities.

5. Chat with PDF

This ChatGpt With Pdf plugin is designed to extract information from PDF files. While there were some issues with certain PDFs during testing, they generally do the job of retrieving data and can be helpful for text extraction tasks.

6. Kayak ChatGpt Plugin

Kayak” is a plugin for searching flights, hotels, and rental cars. It can help you find travel options quickly, but you may need some help with date formatting and user verification.

7. Speak ChatGpt Plugin

The “Speak ChatGpt” plugin offers AI-powered language translation and pronunciation assistance. It’s a helpful tool for language learners, although it doesn’t provide actual speech, which might be a limitation for some users.

8. Scholar AI

Scholar AI” is a powerful research tool that can search through 40 million peer-reviewed papers and scientific PDFs. It’s beneficial for academics and researchers looking for relevant publications. However, it could improve its citation retrieval capabilities.

9. Web Pilot

Web Pilot” is a versatile tool for browsing and extracting information from web pages and PDFs. It’s efficient and user-friendly, making it a valuable asset for web research tasks.

10. Prompt Perfect

Prompt Perfect” helps you create effective prompts for ChatGPT. It’s a fantastic tool for refining your requests and receiving more accurate responses. A good prompt can significantly affect the quality of the AI’s output.

11. Stories ChatGpt Plugin

Stories ChatGpt Plugin” is a delightful plugin that generates illustrated stories based on your input. It’s a fantastic tool for creative storytelling, making it a valuable asset for content creators and educators.

12. Open Tools AI

Open Tools AI” provides a curated list of AI-related tools and resources. It’s a handy reference for AI enthusiasts and professionals, offering insights into various AI applications.

13. Questmate Forms

Questmate Forms” allows you to create forms, checklists, and workflows effortlessly. While it serves its purpose, the design and user experience could be improved for a more professional appearance.

14. World News

World News” is a plugin that summarizes news headlines from various sources worldwide. It’s a valuable tool for staying up-to-date with current events, and it provides relevant and timely information.

15. Change ChatGpt Plugin

Change ChatGpt Plugin” helps discover non-profits focused on environmental conservation and wildlife preservation. While it offers a limited selection of non-profits, it can still be a valuable resource for those interested in supporting these causes.

16. Yabble ChatGPT Plugin

Yabble ChatGPT Plugin” assists in generating survey questions for specific audiences. It provides augmented data to predict responses, making it a valuable tool for market research and data collection.

17. Robo Ad

Robo Ad” is designed to create multiple ads for websites. However, during testing, it produced short and incomplete ad copies. It may need further refinement to be truly effective.


These are the top 17 ChatGPT plugins offering unique features and capabilities. Depending on your needs, you can choose the plugins that best suit your requirements to enhance your ChatGPT experience. Remember that the plugin ecosystem continually evolves, so new and improved options may emerge.

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